Foreign Currency Deposit Rates

While local deposit rates which can be denominated in national and foreign currencies are set by banks they are highly influenced by several factors outside of their control. These include but are not limited to inflation in an economy, competition, regulation/liquidity requirements as well as central bank policies. Central banks across the world set monetary policies accordingly to effectively improve an economy whether it is to cool them down or set policies for expansion. Different economies may be expansion while others contracting as gains and losses in trade impact economies.

Economies in recession can be likely to set interest rates low with corresponding deposit yields being low, high performing economies may push rates high to cool down economies from overheating or alternatively rates may be forced higher because of rampant inflation. The following deposit rates indicate bank forecasts and policies which generally correspond with the associated central bank policies.

Highest Foreign Currency Account Rates by Deposit Interest Rates

CurrencyInterest RateTypeCountryChange from last monthLast Updated
PHP36.00%Credit CardPhilippines-Dec, 2014
HKD34.46%Credit CardHong Kong-Dec, 2014
INR27.00%Credit CardIndia-Dec, 2014
ARS25.00%FixedArgentinaDec, 2014
SGD24.90%Credit CardSingaporeDec, 2014
IRR22.00%Fixed DepositIran-Dec, 2014
PKR20.00%Home LoanPakistan-Dec, 2014
NGN20.00%Home LoanNigeria-Dec, 2014
AUD19.99%Credit CardsAustralia-Dec, 2014
ZAR18.90%Credit CardSouth Africa-Dec, 2014
UGX18.25%Home LoanUganda-Dec, 2014
MNT15.10%Term DepositMongolia-Dec, 2014
MYR15.00%Credit CardMalaysia-Dec, 2014
RUB14.25%Home LoanRussiaDec, 2014
NZD13.90%Credit CardNew Zealand-Dec, 2014
BDT13.50%Home LoanBangladesh-Dec, 2014
GBP12.94%Credit CardUnited Kingdom-Dec, 2014
CAD11.99%Credit CardCanada-Dec, 2014
USD11.00%Home LoanIraq-Dec, 2014
MMK10.00%Fixed DepositMyanmar-Nov, 2014
SYP10.00%Fixed DepositSyria-Dec, 2014
TRY9.50%Time DepositTurkey-Dec, 2014
RWF9.50%Term DepositRwanda-Dec, 2014
TMT9.00%FixedTurkmenistan-Dec, 2014
AMD9.00%Time DepositArmenia-Dec, 2014
GHS8.90%Fixed DepositGhana-Dec, 2014
EUR8.80%Term DepositUkraine-Dec, 2014
TZS8.50%Fixed DepositTanzania-Oct, 2014
PGK8.45%Home LoanPapua New Guinea-Dec, 2014
IDR7.50%Time DepositIndonesia-Dec, 2014
LKR7.50%Fixed DepositSri Lanka-Dec, 2014
VND7.40%Term DepositVietnamDec, 2014
CRC7.10%Cd AccountCosta Rica-Dec, 2014
RSD7.00%Term DepositSerbia-Dec, 2014
KHR7.00%Fixed DepositCambodia-Dec, 2014
JMD6.95%Fixed DepositJamaica-Dec, 2014
EGP6.50%FixedEgypt-Dec, 2014
ISK6.30%FixedIcelandDec, 2014
BRL5.95%Savings AccountBrazil-Dec, 2014
ETB5.00%Savings AccountEthiopia-Dec, 2014
RMB4.50%Home LoanChina-Dec, 2014
BND4.50%Home LoanBrunei-Dec, 2014
MKD4.30%FixedMacedonia-Dec, 2014
BWP4.25%Fixed DepositBotswana-Dec, 2014
NPR4.25%NepalDec, 2014
PEN4.00%Term DepositPeruDec, 2014
CUC4.00%Time DepositCuba-Nov, 2014
AED3.99%Home LoanUnited Arab Emirates-Dec, 2014
CLP3.48%Time DepositChileDec, 2014
MUR3.46%Fixed DepositMauritius-Dec, 2014
MXN3.23%Time DepositMexico-Dec, 2014
JPY3.15%Home LoanJapan-Dec, 2014
THB2.80%Fixed DepositThailand-Dec, 2014
HUF2.54%Term DepositHungary-Dec, 2014
BZD2.52%Savings AccountBelize-Dec, 2014
NOK2.50%Fixed DepositNorway-Dec, 2014
CHF2.40%Home LoanSwitzerlandNov, 2014
FJD2.25%Term DepositFiji-Dec, 2014
KRW2.20%Time DepositSouth KoreaDec, 2014
RON2.00%Term DepositRomania-Dec, 2014
DZD2.00%Savings AccountAlgeria-Dec, 2014
COP1.98%Cd AccountColombia-Dec, 2014
BGN1.50%Time DepositBulgariaDec, 2014
SAR1.50%Savings AccountSaudi Arabia-Dec, 2014
PLN1.45%Term DepositPoland-Dec, 2014
TWD1.32%Time DepositTaiwan-Dec, 2014
LEK1.05%Term DepositAlbania-Dec, 2014
DKK1.00%Fixed DepositDenmark-Dec, 2014
KWD1.00%Term DepositKuwait-Dec, 2014
QAR0.95%Fixed DepositQatar-Dec, 2014
SEK0.80%Fixed DepositSwedenDec, 2014
SBD0.75%Term DepositSolomon Islands-Dec, 2014
OMR0.75%Fixed DepositOmanDec, 2014
NIS0.60%FixedPalestine-Dec, 2014
TTD0.50%Cd AccountTrinidad And Tobago-Dec, 2014
LTL0.30%Term DepositLithuania-Dec, 2014
ILS0.25%Fixed DepositIsrael-Dec, 2014
MOP0.15%Time DepositMacau-Dec, 2014
CZK0.10%Term DepositCzech Republic-Dec, 2014